Dear customers,

in the context of the Corona pandemic, German law requires all service and retail companies to have a protection and hygiene concept. Please observe the following rules in the interest of your own safety. I ask you to carefully consider whether the care of your dog really cannot be postponed or can possibly be postponed to a later date.

In order to comply with the hygiene concept, it is very important that you keep your agreed appointment on time. If you cannot keep your appointment, please cancel or reschedule in time.


Please tie up your dog in front of the entrance. If your pet is not a dog, we can also provide a disinfected carrier for you to leave your pet in. Please ring my doorbell or call me. I will take your four-legged friend into my care as soon as a minimum distance of two meters between you and me is ensured.


Due to government regulations, no clients are allowed to enter the salon even while your pet is being treated. Please wait in the vehicle, or use your time for other errands (shopping, walking, etc.). We will either arrange a time to pick up or I will call you when your dog is ready.

We specifically point out that dogs are always bathed before treatment at our facility!

Pick up

You can pick up your dog back at the salon at the agreed time, or you can simply wait until I call you.


Please pay by contactless bank transfer or paypal if possible. If paying in cash, I ask that you place the amount agreed upon before the treatment, suitably counted, in the box in front of the entrance.

Personal infection control

During the entire handover, FFP2 masks are mandatory for you and for us.


You are welcome to use our disinfectant dispenser, which is attached directly to the entrance. If you are one of a high-risk patient group, we are happy to arrange your own handover modality over the phone to keep the risk of transmission as low as possible. All utensils and contact surfaces such as the table or chair, the bathtub, the barber’s table and all barber’s utensils such as leashes, combs, brushes, scissors, clippers are disinfected immediately after each treatment. Towels are used only once and then washed at least 60 °.

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